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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Filthicus: Blood And Sand - Are You Not Entertained?

For some reason (can't imagine why) my readership has been plummeting. Did everyone develop a sense of taste at once? One thing guaranteed to raise ratings is sex. I could start posting hotties and nudies here but that's been done by better men than I.

That leaves...violence and bloodsport! Ladies and Gentlemen and Pronouns Of Indeterminate And Intermediate Gender! I bring you monsters and demons from the other side of the earth! Brought here - to fight and die for your amusement!!!! THAT'LL raise the ratings!!!

I think the real fun in that one
will begin when the zookeepers
jump in to break it up.

It's cold and miserable up here in Edmonton, and I am struggling with making ammo for the Retirement Rifle. This cast lead thing is harder than it looks. Sure, anyone can make boolits that fly, but good cast lead bullets are not as easy as it might appear at first.

Hope the rest of you are outside and doing something fun.


  1. No posting hay bales! That is my territory.

    1. That's right! A fella can get pounded for infringing on another blogger's turf! :)