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Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday Beer & Popcorn

Om...nom...crunch...   glit!

Glug. Glug. Glug.


Oh hey all~

It's coming up on six in the morning and I have a great big tub of popcorn and a two-four of Bud... and a Ouija Board! Looks like the Swabbies are throwing Tomahawks at our moslem friends again!

All around people are getting ready to throw Trump under the bus. Apparently he was an eeeeeeevil neocon all along! He dances to the tune of eeeeeevil jooooooos!!!! I can just see Uncle Bob and the monkeys at the Treehouse in tears. "Trump is gonna get America embroiled in a useless war just like Dubya did!!!!"

Allow me to set aside my beer and popcorn and respond with my predictions.

  1. No, he's not.
  2. This is no blunder, his hands were tied. He HAD to react, the Syrians gave him no choice.
  3. There are several balls in the air, here, in addition to information the slobs in the media don't have and probably wouldn't report if they did.
I used to think Scott Adams was a clown until I saw this - where he shows how Trump plays in no-win situations. It's worth your time as Scott explains how the Trump Administration approached what was, for all intents and purposes, a political IED:

Watch and learn. There are times when I can think on levels like that...
but not often.
It makes my head hurt.
Adams and Trump think like this all the time.

Bob and the denizens of the Treehouse have called me names because I - like Trump, and Scott - look at the big picture and the people involved and can sometimes predict the means and consequences of their power plays. They called me a chickenhawk, a neocon and worse for saying that Trump definitely WOULD get involved in the middle east if the moslems tried him, while they claimed that their hero would NEVER do the bidding of swine that thought like I did. And here we are! I was predicting a return to the middle east months ago.

So, I'll guzzle me beer, get the Ouija board out - and take a shot at what is going on in The Oval Office, and what the next steps will be! A caveat, though: my predictions are worth less than what you paid for them!

First, as Scott says, Trump learns. He adapts. He plays to win. He is psychologically hard wired to walk away from no-win situations, and if he can't win  or walk away (as Scott states) - he will cheat! Trump did several things by launching those missiles:
  1. He told the pacifists, peaceniks, liberals, progressives and other terror-symps that he will NOT be dancing to their tune.
  2. He did the same to the fags at Return Of Kings, and various other manginas, gamma males, and various other alt-right poseurs and poltroons.
  3. He absolutely gave the finger to Putin and China - and they are livid, HAR HAR HAR!
  4. This was a long overdue and subtle affirmation of America's alliance to Israel.
Consider also, beyond the geopolitics: what we have here are the exact same mutts that Dubya took into the boards in Iraq. Nerve toxins are technically WMD's. They are now in the hands of moslem mutts that are dumb enough to use them without a second thought, on their own people. Even the greasiest elderly hippies should be able to see that such men won't hesitate to use them against us if it served their purposes. Rabid curs like that have to be stopped. Hell, I think even a pussy like Obama would have had to react to a provocation like that. I think Assad is smarter than Saddam: he knows that he is on very thin ice and the Yanks WILL kill him personally unless he backs down. This is how diplomacy is conducted with militant arabs.

Just as Assad is smarter than Saddam, Trump is smarter than Dubya. Fact is he's probably the brightest bulb in Washington in the last 50 years - and no, that ain't saying much, is it? If I had to guess at Trump's thought process - it would look something like this - and it is guaranteed to drive fellas like Unca Bob batshit crazy!

Dubya was entirely correct to go after Saddam in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. During his administration he ran record tax surpluses despite two costly wars abroad. The missions, contrary to the faggotry and the media, were unqualified successes, the kill ratio was in favour of the Americans by orders of magnitude. Both missions were, quite literally, 'turkey shoots'.

But Bush DID make some mistakes. He let leftists get involved in the decision process, as well as a peaceniks, democrats, and other losers. America will never win any foreign engagement as long as people like that have a say in military affairs. Trump will not be giving the doves, the blood dancers, or the media the time of day in this - nor should he.

The second mistake Dubya made, (and Trump will avoid) - was getting embroiled in 'nation building'. Those people are tribal mutts, they will never be capable of any kind of civility as long as they bow down to Islam... and any effort at 'rebuilding a war-torn country will be a waste. Not only will leftists at home undermine any efforts at building a civilized democratic nation in the middle east, the moslems themselves will too. Democracy is simply not how they roll. The way to handle these people is to bomb them FORWARD into the Stone Age where they belong - and then walk away with the implicit threat to any others willing to get stupid - will be treated the same way. Rinse and repeat as needed.

So - in essence, Trump has established his street creds, he's given the finger to the parties that need to see it, and he has acted in the interests of national security. The message last night was that the pussy in the Whitehouse is gone, there is a man in the Whitehouse and if you try him you will very likely regret it. We've seen the stick - I suspect we will be seeing the carrot next. For now I have no idea what that will look like. If I am correct though, it will involve lots of money for ALL the players, provided that nobody gets greedy or stupid. The consequences for that have been made clear. America cannot impose democracy on moslems... but they may be able to impose some sort of international marketplace... and the monkeys involved may go along if they can see a benefit.

We live in interesting times, my friends! Happy Friday!


  1. good article ! thanks.
    praying trump will not be assassinated by so-called 'friendly' fire.

  2. Yup; Trump didn't draw any red lines in the sand over there; just a kinda charred, black one...

    Putin is already talking smack. Trump, along with every man in America with any testosterone at all is saying "OOOOH! We SCARED! NOT!