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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Good Morning World!!!


I'm offended by the Canadian national anthem... apparently...

Sometimes when we're at church the guy up front will pick a hymn to sing that nobody in the crowd really knows... when that happens all the singer's volume drops to a murmer as they mumble along trying to figure the melody out, and the pianist starts banging those ivories harder as if she's offended by the dismal effort of the congregation... and I silently sit and smirk to myself at the humour of it all.

It's getting like that with the Canadian national anthem. Apparently it offends all the hairy chested feminists, the obese she-twinks, landwhales and sexually disturbed pan-gendered nut cases liberals. It's already been changed once, I gather - some of it is now officially in fwench as a sop to the cheese eating surrender monkeys in Queerbec who hate the rest of Canada anyways. I haven't sung that beshitted tune since they modified it the first time years ago, and I haven't heard anyone else in my circle sing it either. At hockey games when they play it the fat lady is about the only person that knows all the verses.

The more I see shit like this, the more I think a fella should just screw this country for every last thing he can because that is exactly what the other guy is doing. Hell, I don't think even the faggots, the fwench and the feminists know the verses either!

Whatever! My country died years ago so one verse is just as good as another, I suppose. Tuesday beckons, time to get rollin'! Have a great day!


  1. Yeah; people have been trying to get rid of the Star-Spangled Banner because "it promotes war." I guess the only thing saving it from the invasion of the freedomsnatchers is that the music is derived from a drinking song. Oh, how those pooseys love their wine and "craft beer." Besides; what could they replace the Star-Spangled Banner with that would be just as difficult to sing for "the rest of us," and would have that same one note on the word freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... that the people singing it seem to compete to see who can hold it longer?

  2. Invariably we'll have one or two regular hymns that even a schmuck like me can keep up with. Then they'll have one that few people know but that is pretty easy to sing, and read. Then some fathead finds an obscure hymn that was a one-hit wonder 37 years ago when the church was initially formed, and trots it out. Part of this little gem will be in 5/4 time, part will be in 3/2, and the rest is in 14/8 with six flats. The organist can't play it, and the sheer number of break strains and optional returns have the minister of music trying not to scratch his rump while he's thinking, and there are seven verses.

    Sure, this is a great selection. You go ahead - I'll be standing next to glen, holding my hymnal in front of my pan and trying not to get caught laughing.