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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Is it Contentment Or Laziness?

I have to ask. Am I crazy, or is everyone else nuts?

Status symbols: they're everywhere. Beemers. Jaguars. The big palatial homes going 2500 sq. ft. plus. The trophy wives. That's just for starters - I recently bought a little A Frame trailer but the RV's... the behemoths have big diesel pusher engines, granite countertops, king sized beds and twin full size kitchen sinks. Or maybe ya need a 'cabin at the lake' that's bigger than your house. Hell it's even on the gun range and maybe I am a part of it. I actually have rifle scopes made by Zeiss and Swarovski but even those are lame now, what with the new Nightforce and Mars optics coming out. Perhaps my new infatuation with black powder cartridge guns is a retirement of sorts from that particular rat race. Motorcycles - the yuppies and shakers and movers are gobbing on BW and I as we fart along the highway on our lame mass produced metric motorcycles and they pass us on pimped out Harley Davidsons. I almost bought an Indian motorcycle last year and I admit it - those scoundrels were playing my ego like a fiddle. (The hell of it is I would have bought that stupid thing and rather than gobbing on guys like BW and looking down my long nose at them I would probably follow them around and hang out with them to see where they go. Who wants to hang out at a biker bar?) I am not a snob type by nature nor is my wife.

As I get older I despise the Rat Race and its participants more and more. I'm not ready to become a full time prepper and go off the grid... but I definitely want out of the Matrix that a lot of us live in.


  1. My view of belongings is utilitarian. I am not into owning a lot of stuff. I view a home as some place where I primarily eat and sleep, so for that I really do not need anything big or fancy. All I care about the stuff I do use and own is that it works and is reliable.