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Monday, 3 April 2017

Life: Ya Know You're Doing It Wrong, Right?


I shouldn't laugh; TB is one of my favourite philosophers. He voices self doubts that I think we all have at some time or other; but he thinks outside the box and sometimes I am left struggling to keep up.

What's wrong with my life? Welp - the molehills all look like mountains. Yannow my Dad was great sport for me back when he was my age now - he was a perfectionist and if one scrap of lumber was cut a 1/32" out of square - he would lose his chit! His property always looked like a million bucks and Lord have mercy if it didn't - and you were responsible! I started to rebel in my late teens. If Pop pissed me off - I would go into his tool box and take the ball peen hammer out of the top drawer, and put it in with the screwdrivers. Then I would snicker as he lost his mud and turned the garage upside down looking for it. Life was never good enough for Pop, it had to be perfect or the whole shebang was a write-off.  (Today of course, he's nothing like that. He's so laid back that all he has time for is his sports and humour).

I find myself being like Pop back then. Turdiebeach asks, "If your life WERE perfect, what would it look like...?" Well... I want my own home, some nice cars, a couple dogs, and all the guns n ammo I need for WW3! My family life obviously isn't what I wish it would be - but they have their own perfect lives going on too. There's no room for guys like me in that and even if there were I wouldn't want to be part of it. There's nothing I can do about that so it's just best to write that one off.

I suppose my big thing in life right now is that I have too much on the go! Let's see:

  • guns n' ammo
  • camping
  • motorcycle
  • rc aircraft

Good grief, any two of those could tie up all a guy's free time! Somehow I gotta find time to work! HAR HAR HAR!

I am not rich, but for now, God willing, I am free and healthy and life is good. Hope yours is too.

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