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Monday, 8 May 2017

A World To Dream About....

David Wilcox is a great musician but unfortunately...
he's your typical liberal faggot too.
Were it not for the fact that he's basically
already a washed up has-been... I
suspect this might have been a Dixie Chicks
moment for him...

Some kids just never grow up. And that's me saying that! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR! Oh yeah, guys like us are in the nooz every day trying to thwart free speech, right? I'm sure that the carpet munching Ellen Degenerate was all for free speech when she proclaimed Trump would never be allowed on her show.

I know it is purely unintentional but that world Dave's crooning about appeals to me. Imagine: Hanging journalists from lampposts. Respectful negroes to shine your shoes and perform mundane chores. Imagine only two genders, and not having to share the shitter with perverts and degenerates... Imagine a world where parents love each other and their kids - and those kids are raised to be responsible adults instead of thumb sucking brats that see insult and offense in clouds and shadows.  HAR HAR HAR!

GAH. What is this garbage doing on my blog on a Monday morning? Who writes this crap??? Let's syringe out our ears, and rinse out our eyes with something GOOD to start the week!

Is ours the New World these proto-hippies envisioned back in the 60's?

Sorry for the quality of the post, folks. It's Monday morning, I haven't had my coffee and I have a road trip to depart for. Have a great Monday!


  1. Note that The Seekers are neatly dressed. The men wear a suit and tie; Judith wears a conservative dress. The most outrageous thing is the length of the men's sideburns. The music is relaxing and melodic.

    This is a nice beginning to my afternoon.

    1. They are a vast improvement over Dave, for sure. They seem to be of an era just before the world started losing its chit...