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Monday, 29 May 2017

Agree Or Disagree With The Following Statement

"Women are not very good with money unless they feel themselves answerable to their husbands. Observe that in almost every divorce, the wife pisses away the family assets and generally ends up with nothing, financially ruining her husband and her children in the process. Obviously women should run the household, but under the husband’s authority and light supervision..."

I vastly enjoy Jim's Blog because it's much like Uncle Bob's Treehouse was: idiocy and genius abounds side by side, with the customers playing both sides of that aisle at any given time.

The women in my family and circle can refute Jim hands down; my Grandmother was a depression era woman who knew the value of a dollar and was shrewd as hell with money - a talent that she beat into my mother and to a lesser extent, into me. My wife is a saver too; but like me will splurge here and there. She does so knowing the difference between necessity and extravagance and can live quite contentedly without the extravagance if necessary. The wives of divorced family members similarly seem to be at least functional with money.

But as for friends and coworkers - I have seen much higher numbers of women ruined by divorce even though they cashed in at divorce court. Jim postulates and endorses a society where women are subservient to men and isn't shy about expending the ammo for his argument.

I am ignored as a fool there (as I was at Uncle Bob's and rightfully so I suppose) - but I think these boys are shooting themselves in the balls. The fact is that running a household is no longer a full time job and women need something useful to do to fill the time. Productive, meaningful work is a requirement for the human animal just as food and water and air are. Men and women need to feel valued. I truly believe that women need work outside the home to stay sane these days, whether it's at a job, or volunteer work or whatever.

My wife has always run the household and I foolishly refused to 'supervise'. I thought it was women's work and my mother in law agreed and made it plain that my involvement in household matters was not only unnecessary - it was unwelcome, HAR HAR HAR! Not a problem! I picked up my rifle or my fishin' rod or jumped on the bike and left them to it. Fact was I didn't really like that old bitch either and welcomed any excuses to get away. I should have taken my place in household affairs but didn't want to fight with the mother in law.  The consequences were disastrous for me and my family.

All that shit worked itself out and here we are today. My wife is still in charge of the house and if I don't like something I can just get off my fat ass and help - something I really need to do more of. I'll be damned if I am going to supervise anyone - we talk as a team and decide where we are going to go. From a financial perspective I think Jim is full of shit - at least 50% of the women I know are smart with their money. I figure that percentage is on par for the guys too. From a family perspective I think he's spot on - a fella may or may not supervise his household...but he should at least be involved with it.


  1. My wife has always been tight-fisted with her own money, but has basically bankrupted "our" finances. Now, in her old age, she's paying the price, when we COULD have been well set. Naturally, she sees no connection whatsoever.

    1. Brutal.

      Back in the day my mentor and role model, Lesiure Suit Larry had a wife that drove him up the wall with her expenditures. Early into their marriage he realized his marriage was doomed and started packing away money hither and yon - and knowing his knowledge of banking and investment I am almost certain that he hid the vast majority of his assets by the time his marriage imploded.
      I've never had to do that, thank God.