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Monday, 15 May 2017

Another Blogger Who Shall Remain Nameless

Awhile back I was touring another blog when the subject of flags came up. The Aaaaaadmontin Oilers were in the playoffs and so all the local yokels round here started putting those gay little flags on their cars to show their support for the team. Because this is Edmonton, and because rig pigs are what they are... in this town ya go BIG or ya go home! (Albertans are much like Texans only better looking with more money). So I was pooping in the comments of this in-named blogger when I mentioned that the boys at The Rig Shop The Pig Shop had their jacked up, pimped out company 4x4 flying a big ass Oilers flag that created sonic booms when it flapped in the breeze. And then - it happened.

This snide little  %^&*#@ says, "Pics, please, or it didn't happen...". Why... the arrogant WORM! As if Yours Truly would EVER let an untruth pass his lips! As if I should have to PROVE my points like some common layman??? I got so damned mad, I almost loaded up my cap n ball revolver with the idea of going down south to challenge this rake to a duel!!!

Fortunately for him I can control my lethal temper with the same dexterity as I do with my lightning fast pistols!

In any event, I let the transgression pass because I haven't had time to harass the boys at the pig shop but I DID come across another customer who wasn't gonna take ANY bullshit from The Pig Shop when it came to team loyalty and virtue-signalling:

There's actually TWO big ass flags on this monster along with the improvised oil rig. As this beast rumbles down the street, the starboard flag flaps and snaps any passing Calgarians in the gob to the right, and the port side flag bitch slaps the ones to the left! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Let it not be said that Filthie tells lies.

1 comment:

  1. You may be even-tempered and good-natured, and in point of fact I have always known you to be an affable, congenial man, the salt of the earth and a credit to your community.

    I'm the same way myself - until my friends are insulted.

    You will stand second for me. Inform these malefactors of questionable heritage that they may choose pistols or blades; it matters not to me. I'll be equally pleased to put a bullet or a blade into the miscreant at his earliest opportunity.

    Pictures? I'll give them pictures.