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Saturday, 13 May 2017

BW'S Saturday Night Honky-Tonk

Welp, looks like Filthie's Speakeasy is outta business. Oh, it's no big deal, it had to happen sooner or later. I was in trouble with the Scottish, Russian and Senor's mobs. The board of Health inspectors had it in for me too, trivial stuff about rat droppings on the stoves and spittoons not getting emptied. Then the banks started going after me and I had to shut 'er down and sell out! But - no problem! BW picked up my establishment and it looks like he's going country/western! He's already got a new live band lined up and he's cleaning the place out as we speak! AND he's serving suds! All at the same time!!!

Once he's rousted all the old clientele out - think I'll go in and
have a cold one!
Feel free to join us...

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  1. I put the Temporary Friday Night Music Post on hiatus. So far no one has noticed.