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Monday, 15 May 2017

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

I got all wound up and impressed with myself  last week because my blog numbers went through the roof. Then I went over to Gorges Grouse and he said his Blog-O-Meter redlined too, and that it was probly hackers and spammers and monsters trolled up from the deepest blackest depths of the internet. I expected the number to plummet down to the their regular dismal levels but they haven't. Maybe these are tenacious spammers, or ... maybe there are a lot more messed up people reading my blog... What in hell am I gonna do to hang on to all these new suckers readers?

Bloodsport is always a crowd pleaser, so, like the Ceasars long ago - I have started importing monsters from exotic lands half way round the known world! They are brought here to fight and die for us and our leisure! I ask you, dear Romans Readers: Are you not entertained?

First up are these flesh-eating monsters! The horror.
The horror.

Guys, I'm sorry, I was supposed to have lions. World famous hunter, adventurer and author WL Emery - was supposed to live capture a few for me so that we could watch them fight and eat our political enemies...but we lost track of him. I think he's in a bar somewhere, getting pished on the finest single malts and writing his next best selling masterpiece novel. Goddammit, I knew I shoulda dealt with Earnie Hemmingway instead!!!

Lookit all the dead Christians they kilt! Now these killers
will try to eat each other... even I am repulsed
by the sheer violence and savagery!

These gladiators are well matched! The big one has strength
and mass, the little one has speed and agility!
Place your bets, men!

I'm sorry folks. I got nothin. Have a good Monday if ya can!

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