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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Filthie's Vibrant And Diverse Thursday Culture Corner

As everyone knows the Thunderbox is a designated safe place where bigotry and racism are not tolerated. We got milk, cookies, and we woulda had Play Doh if BW and Quagmire hadn't eaten it all. We hate everyone equally around here and that is that for that!

Everyone knows that Irishmen are filthy, illiterate fornicating drunkards, right?

White men are advised that these potato gobbling smelly little
buggers are stronger and meaner
than they look

The males are called Paddies, and are about three feet tall. They are prone to profanity, and violence - do not ask me how I know this. They can be downright lethal when sober and hung over.

Their women, however, are cultured, intelligent and competent and can be a true pleasure to listen too.

I love the warm, melodic voices, tin whistles and traditional fiddle work.
I am looking forward to a dram of whisky this

I wonder how good those ladies would sound after slamming a quart?

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