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Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Wind... Errrrmmmm... SHITHAWK In The Wires

I know awhile back the guys at the Aaaaaaadmontin International Airport were crapping their pants with rage over all the birds in the area. They installed 'zone guns' which are basically loud firecrackers designed to scare the birds away. Unfortunately it scared the bedwetters, pissers and moaners - and didn't have much effect on the birds. Then they imported a couple families of hawks and birds of prey ... and had some limited success. I never learned if they resolved that one or not.

The vast majority of birds I see tend to stay within a couple hundred feet of the ground but the swans and cranes start migrating - and they gotta be at least a thousand feet up, maybe more. They're serious business for aviators because if you get one through a jet engine - you lose it! That's a couple million down the pooper right there! For the small airplanes in general aviation a prop strike means that engine comes off, and is thoroughly rebuilt and inspected. That is an easy $20~30K 'KA-CHING' right there.

Pikers like us can laugh at a pic like this, but serious aviators are liable to hork and spit in disgust.

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  1. Swans? Swans are big and dangerous as hell. I didn't know they migrated, but I tend to let them alone. I believe there is a swan hunting season is South Dakota; bag limit is one (1) swan and the season is around three days. Can you actually eat swan? Is it any good?