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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Happy Mothers Day!

This is what motherhood is.

Mother's Day is pretty much obsolete in these days of ugly lesbians, single mom sluttery, selfish feminists, trans- and pan-gendered freak shows and she-twinks with hair in all the frooty colours of the rainbow. Those types will try to pervert this day and make it about them in their endless demand for attention but they will not get the time of day from me. Their parodies of marriage, parenting, and family leave me only with pity for the children they are going to destroy. There's a lot of ways for women to go deeply wrong these days.

For those mothers who are raising their kids right, and are loving, caring and warm with their men - this day is for you! You have done something incredibly difficult in this age of dysfunctional families and state instituted perversion and depravity.- if you can't enjoy a proper Mother's Day because of the failures of others in your family - come as close to this pic above as ya can, and call it good. Your Maker (and your friends here at the Thunderbox) know the score.


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