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Thursday, 4 May 2017

I Think I May Have Lost My Job Today

And I don't give a shit.

I do, but I am not anywhere near being stressed about it like I usually would be. We had some important industry shake ups that has some assholes in the senior management worried about their jobs and most of them are like me - they seem to sense that these are the last days of the company as it was under Old Jim Sr's leadership.

I can go work in the gun shop or hobby shop for peanuts if I have to I suppose but I would rather not. Problem is I am old and there are a lot of smart, young and hungry bucks out there that are full of piss and vinegar and they will do things I won't.

Time will tell; but I have been sensing a change for a long time and have been preparing mentally for what is to come. Unemployment is very hard on a man like me and there's no need for it. I have resolved to terminate with the job when the time comes with all the couth and grace possible. Time will tell, of course. Sometimes the good guys win too so who knows.


  1. Problem is I am old...
    You're not old. I'm old. Besides, it isn't the age - it's the mileage. Okay, maybe that's not quite what you want to hear just now. It's the apparent mileage.

    and there are a lot of smart, young and hungry bucks out there...
    Pick any two out of three, and you'll have your competition. Young and hungry, you bet. Smart and hungry, absolutely. Young and smart? Rare, but it happens. When it does, they're always well-fed.

    that are full of piss and vinegar...
    They're full of something, alright. Stable dressing, for the most part.

    ...and they will do things I won't.
    True. Like, for instance, play games with power tools that no shop foreman would ever allow, and would get them slapped and chewed out by an old, experienced, co-worker. They'll also test positive for various recreational substances, and they'll quit when someone actually tells them what to do. The line I've heard (and heard about) most often is, "You can't tell me what to do!"
    Bet me, genius. Ha! You lose. Now hit the bricks.

    If you're in sales and you spend face time with your clients, you have little to nothing to worry about. My father was in sales. He worked for E. BROOKE MATLACK, Inc. in the dry bulk division. His relationship with his clients was such that he could go around and ask them for business, and get it, knowing they could pay less elsewhere. So when Matlack started laying people off, they didn't come anywhere close to the old man.

    The worst that could happen is that you'll have to relocate, which is no fun at all. The best you can look forward to is that you'll leave one job for a better one somewhere else. I know that's what always happened to me. Well, almost always. There was that time in Ft. Wayne when I bowed out of the contract for a very solid reason (I reported to a not-terribly-bright dick). But, for the most part, it's always been a move up the ladder for me. The same will likely be true for you.

  2. You're not the only one seeing the writing on the wall, Glen. I'm "aging out" of my job; it's become something I don't even recognize, let alone understand. Your' forgetting one thing about the "young bucks;" "corporate" can hire half the age for half the wage.

    I'm like you; I sorta don't give a heap if they let me go. Trouble is, no one will want to hire me... because of my age... I guess Dinosaurs like us have a duty to die and become crude oil for the next generation. I've got the crude part down pat!

  3. Stay cool and have the missus pray about it. I'll say some prayers for you, too.

  4. Well thanks fellas.

    I've seen good companies die before and it's never pretty. I will find something and get by, I always do...