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Friday, 19 May 2017

Mainstream Media - This Is Not Good

Like anyone else, I guess, I hate the media with the heat of 1000 suns. According to the fags at TIME, the Whitehouse is going red thanks to Trump's collusion with the fuggin commies.


Who writes this shit? And - who believes it? Never mind paying good money to read it? There was a time when not even the NATIONAL ENQUIRER would publish shite like this! I had to laugh - the Glob And Pail - another of Canada's leftist shit rag newspapers - has a website now because virtually nobody is buying print anymore. It used to be that ya got to read 10 of their articles for free and then you would be expected to turn over 99 cents to get past the paywall to read the rest. I snorted in disgust and then laughed: it would be a rip off at half the price! HAR HAR HAR! Welp - the clucky hens and the cucky manginas at the Glob musta heard me because now they're asking you to pay 45 cents to get past the paywall! HAR HAR HAR! I wouldn't piss on those Marxists if they were on fire!

Fact is we have NO credible news sources on hand anymore. Did we ever? But the fact is you can come to even a dump like the Thunderbox and read better, more informed commentary for free.

I can forgive small mistakes and blunders. It's gonna happen in that industry just as it happens with bloggers. Example - the Whitehouse is turning into the Kremlin!!!! See the details on page 7!!!! Errrr... a blogger caught that one: that isn't the Kremlin, that is St. Basil's Cathedral.


But I can forgive that; I wouldna caught that one either. But...hell's bells! Trump? In the bag with the Russians? What kind of idiot would even think that? I have a message for our American leftists and liberals: you lost the election because you're stupid. You're also dishonest, sanctimonious, and hypocritical. And - as long as we are being completely honest: You're kinda over on the ugly side too, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

So...who ya gonna trust for your news? Hate to say it but... you're looking at him. Or one like him, maybe. But regardless of who you believe, you can't really trust the slobs in the media AT ALL anymore.

Sleep tight tonight, I guess.

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  1. "Who writes this shit? And - who believes it?"

    The same people who are buying steak and lobster with their food stamps; the same people who who pay $240.00/month for rent, while the guy next door, the one with a JOB, pays $1200.00 (and also contributes, via taxes, to pay the 80% of the rent (and utilities) the welfare bum isn't paying); the same people who are sitting on the front porch smoking and drinking beer when I leave for WORK, and are still there, doing the same, when I get home from WORK. In short; the same people who couldn't give a damn whether what Time magazine prints is the truth or not, as long as the free stuff keeps on coming.

    Of course, it's handy for them to have all of these printed "facts" handy when telling everyone how "the whiyat mayan" is keeping them dayown...

    This "Russia" thing has been rolling around longer than a hot dog at a 7-11. Those with more than two brain cells to rub together can deduce that if there WAS something to the "Russia" thing, Trump would have been indicted by now. The over-the-rainbow, loony Left will keep it rolling though, in order to get people numb enough to think that Hildebeast would have done a much better job. Hey, Libtards; I'm not numb, and you're looking just as bad (worse, actually) as you did when I voted for Trump!