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Friday, 26 May 2017

Oh, Joy

Awhile back I got into an internal fire fight with my national sales manager. The man is a fat, bellicose fwench-canadian fop who is fond of back handed insults, insinuations and veiled threats. If you try to defend yourself against his bullshit he starts shouting and snarling at people. The last time that idiot was out here I sent the senior management a note inviting them to lay me off or fire me because I am heartily sick of his shit. I come in early, I stay late and come in on weekends to help the customers out - and if that bozo wants to come in and accuse me of and insinuate that I am involved with misconduct and incompetence, he can take a flying **** at a rolling donut.

He's coming out on Monday. I'll be interested on how that tool intends to behave. I tell myself I am not gonna worry about it but I still do. I am hoping the management see this idiot for the loose cannon he is the same way I do, and I hoped he got spanked after our last exchange.

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  1. Now remember, we're all adults here. We're not going to do anything silly or foolish, no matter what this fat f*** says to us or about our friends and relatives.

    Of course if he insults the dog, all bets are off faster than you can take off your jacket.