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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Please Pass The Helibacon...

I love AR15's. I love hunting. I love aviation and have a love/hate relationship with rotorcraft. Ya'd think that something that combines all those things would just HAVE to be something special.

AND bimbos too?!?!? Can this POSSIBLY get any better?!?!?

I know and understand the feral hog problem in Texas. I am was a dedicated hunter and marksman. I believe 100% of the sportsman's creed as it applies to habitat conservation, good conduct in the field and the rules of fair chase. If all this sits well with you - go for it I suppose. As for me, much as I like guns, choppers and hunting... oh boy, fellas, something about all this just strikes me as wrong. To me this isn't hunting - it's slaughter. Nothing wrong with that either, really, I am a big boy and I know where bacon comes from and how it gets on to your plate.

I have been criticized and egged for my hunting methods too: I used to own an ATV and use it to get into the back country where game was more plentiful. I didn't hunt off my quad, but I did use it to give me an advantage in getting me and my gear further off the beaten path so I am in no position to look down my nose at folks that consider aerial hog hunting a sport. All I'll say is that this is not for me.

Might think twice about this, though...

Fact is though, I would LOVE to head down to Texas and hunt pigs with a handgun or a muzzle loader.

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