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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Retard School Field Trip: The Tattoo Parlour

Ever the philanthropist, upon his passing Uncle Bob left his vast fortune and estate to his students at the school that was named after him: Uncle Bob's School For Retards And Wayward Boys. We've all been deeply saddened by Bob's passing and have decided to use our new financial windfall to cheer ourselves up, and get something to remember our benefactor by. We all loaded up on the short bus and headed off to Uncle Bubba's Tattoo Parlour And Curio And Relic Shop.

Hmmmmm.......with my gut it would
induce a 'fish-eye lens' effect.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way over for Happy Meals
and a Treat Of The Week.
Quartermain was inspired by this life changing event.

Mad Jack and Pete F. started playing with the equipment
when the tattoo artist was in the washroom.
I think Pete did a stellar job of Jack's new tattoo...

Pete gave Mrs. Chubster this classy lady-like tat...

WC got this one. What are those horses doing?
I don't get it.

I got this one to enhance my sexy plumber's cleavage.
Go ahead and put a quarter in! It'll play a tune!
(Errr.... no loonies).

BW got thirsty and drank a bottle of disinfectant. When he keeled over,
Pete got him with this beaut.

WL didn't trust Pete and did his own tattoo in the mirror.
WL must love poo too.

When the tattoo artist came out of the chitter he was madder than hell for some reason and started screaming at us to all get the hell out and never come back! We all ran for the short bus and bailed out but BW didn't make it and got left behind.

Oh well. The rest of us all have manly tattoos to impress the broads with, and Thursday's shaping up well! Have yerself a great day, and, as always - thanks for stopping by.

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