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Saturday, 13 May 2017

They're Eating Their Own Now...

Watching the ebb and flow of the political battles in Canada has been an edifying experience.  Civil war seems to have spread from the conservative end of the spectrum to the liberal left. Just as conservatives had to deal with their 'RINOS', 'CINOS' and 'cuckservatives', the liberals have to deal with their progtards that come in all the frooty colours of the rainbow. I wish Uncle Bob were still around so we could fight about it. One thing is clear - the parasites WILL kill the host if we let them. In Canada the left is tearing itself apart with their own hate laws and virtue signalling, and in America, the head of the FBI got canned and the Donks are screaming bloody murder about it after they spent two years trying to get him fired themselves. How is it that grown adults can even participate in shit shows like this? Can't they hear themselves?

I would like to encourage my liberal readers oops, sorry - I don't have any! HAR HAR HAR! But if I did, I would like to urge them to get involved in those internal civil wars, and to be as violent and inhuman as possible about it!

It'll save us having to do it later if they cull themselves now.

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