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Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

The wife and I went to see a movie at the theatre yesterday. Before the show they have the usual plugs and ads for this or that, and the usual breathless narratives and breaking news of Hollywood morons that are obsessed with themselves.

Then one came up of a boy who looked like he was nine or ten - in an advert for the LBGTQXYZ crowd. There's a support phone number the little fudge packers and canoe lickers can call if they've discovered they're queer and everyone else isn't being tolerant enough of it. Up here in Canada - at least in Morontario - if you are not properly enthusiastic about your gay child, the gov't has the right to come in and seize the child and put them into foster care. That's child abuse, dontchya know. I have some advice for any parent that finds themselves in this predicament: hand the kid over, get sterilized and move on! Queers destroy families. 

Tolerance is a one way street with those cretins that live under the rainbow, and our friends over at Arfdotcom have a good one up entitled 'Is America Broken?' It's an older piece, but I think the answer for you Yanks is the same as it is for us Canukistanies:  YES. Certain parts of our countries are moral and intellectual cesspools ... and they are spreading.

It's not all bad news, the push back has begun and not a moment too soon.

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