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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Clarissa Gets One RIGHT For A Change

To me Clarissa is the face of what's wrong with the modern liberal woman today: she's an academic, you see, which makes her right about everything and anyone that disagrees with her is wrong. (Or a rayciss/homophobe/sexist/etc/ad nauseum). She's spoiled, bratty, and a shameless intellectual poseur... but she has been finally showing some small signs of maturity and intellect - be they far and in between.

In any event; now I have seen it all!

She's bang on the money. Depending on which side of that food fight you're on, people are either high-fiving, back slapping and cheering that election or they're pouting petulantly. None of that is good for anyone including themselves.

I have always regarded liberals and democrats as enemies. My take is that everyone has a right to make a living whereas they feel everyone has a right to a living and I am obligated to pay the freight of those that can't or won't pay their own. We all know where that goes too - today's Marxist slobs intent on redistributing your wealth will eventually find their own 'redistributed' as well. It's starting to happen all over the place which is why we are seeing more political incivility and even violence. Parasites will fight to defend their meal tickets too.

In point of fact we could all benefit from powerful, relevant liberal political parties. Choosing your representatives should be a matter of evaluating choices and opportunities - not 'picking the lesser of two evils' as it is now.

As far as liberal women go, cunned stunts like Clarissa are about the smartest of the lot. Let's hope that she continues to grow up and can lead the rest of those lemmings in a positive direction!

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