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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Friday Filthicus: Blood And Sand

The blog stats are in the toilet again. The Russian hackers have forsaken me. BW and Pete had their budgies trained to peck the computer keyboards and log into my blog to drive the Blog-O-Meter stats up... but I fear they may have been eaten by cats or gave up in disgust at the low quality of the material they were reading.

Only porn and blood can save the blog now. And, because my Rule 5 license was revoked after my bout of Fat Chicks With Guns...all that's left is blood. And sand. Friends, Romans and Countrymen - lend me your ears, and feast your eyes on the monsters that I have assembled to fight and die for your amusement!

Sometimes during a bender I strike menacing poses in the mirror with my
guns, clad only in my underwear.
Ooops, did I say that out loud???

Poseidon Himself sends us these vicious aquatic fighters!
Who knows what epic savage battles rage beneath the waves away
from the eyes of Man? The horror!!!!

These two monsters come to us via BW Bandy's Bar & Grill - home
of Hell's Kitchen!
I can't bear to watch!!!

Assuming nobody dies or does anything stupid I will try and conjure up a Friday Wind In The Wires post. Other than that this is the best I am gonna do today. Maybe we can do Gladitorial Budgies next week or something.


  1. You are not unique. My numbers are down close to 50%.

    1. How is that possible? Why - who else in the blogosphere has dandelions and hay bales?!?!

      Oh how the mighty fall...! :)

    2. It's summer. Everyone should be out enjoying the sun instead of reading blogs anyway.