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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Glen Filthie: The Elder Years

Tits bigger than the girls, oblivious to the presence of beauty, and focused on toys.
What will he find? Bottle caps? Lost change? A lost Roman horde of gold? The entrance to Hell?
Maybe I should go downstairs and suck start my Colt .45...

Unintentionally captured there also, is the arrogance of youth. The young hotties smirk at each other behind his back as the old fool plods along. They don't realize that just to get out off that damned couch takes an effort of sheer will. They don't think that in a few short years, their own flat stomachs will bloat, their asses will balloon to the width of two axe handles, and their perky boobs will droop like the old geezer's.

It will serve them right too - just as it does for us old farts today that laughed at and mocked the frailties of our elders!  That Karmic Wheel moves with a modicum of slap-stick comedy, doesn't it?

I'm on vacation, haven't had my morning coffee and don't know what day it is. Don't care either - hope you're having a good one!

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  1. Your sorry Canadian Bacon Ass had not been to my blog lately to insult me and bite at my ankles so I thought I better check on you and see if you are sick or dead! Nope! just as big an asshole as ever! carry on......