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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Interesting One Over At The Burning Platform

Why millennials can't have nice things.

Shocking. Kids buy stupid things. HAR HAR HAR! Get off my lawn, ya little shits!!! Fact is that when my wife and I were kids we were pretty stupid with our money too. And like kids today we wanted all the trappings of wealth and success without having to work for them or at least I did. Life will teach them different, just like it did to us. The comments at the end are a story unto themselves.

All the time though, I see the young'uns making the same mistake we did as kids. "Woe is me! My parents had everything handed to them on a silver platter! Costs were so much lower then! Things are so expensive now!!!" And oh - those shit headed Boomers! They pissed it all away for their children!!!" There's some truth to that. The key in all things is perspective: When my granddad was 16 he went to fight in the trenches as a Doughboy in WW1. At 17 he was a wounded vet and fit for only light work upon his return from the front. He got a job shovelling coal for 10 hours a day and often longer. He emigrated to Canada in time to catch the full brunt of The Great Depression and rode around the country on the roofs of trains with the other bums looking for work. He ate at soup kitchens and slept in flop houses. Compared to that we all have it pretty damned easy.

Shitty jobs are part of growing up. I worked for abusive psychotics and managers that weren't fit to shine my shoes. I quickly learned to give them a second chance and if they blew that I was out of there and no bones about it. I made sure their superiors knew why I was quitting and more than a few of them got taken to the woodshed for it. Others just flipped me off right back and gave that revolving door for the employees another spin.

I suppose that's why so many of our kids are utter fuck ups; there's no immediate consequences for being lazy or copping out. When I was a kid I thought that way too for awhile, but wised up when reality came knocking. If I wanted good things in life I was going to have to work smart and hard for them - and so I set too it. Rather than looking at what was 'too hard' in life, I started looking at what I wanted and how I was going to get there. I ended up making respectable decisions and only made compromises when either Darwin or Murphy pulled the guns out. I learned that taking the easy way out was going to have serious consequences for me where it might not have for my parents. Whatever. Into the mouth of the cat! God willing, I will have a retirement, but certainly not an opulent one. I don't care - having fun and being happy is hard work sometimes and I am not afraid of that.

I look at these poor kids who have never been spanked, who always got a trophy just for showing up, who have never been allowed to fail, who think that if something happens to them it's because some racist/sexist/homophobe did it to them... and I see that karmic wheel coming round on them and I suppose I should be happy to see them get their just desserts. All I can conjure up is a sense of utter desolation and loss. There is nothing more pathetic than a kidult, except for their enablers who try to coddle them like spoiled children. Those enablers are going to get theirs too because their kids can't tell the difference between being a victim of oppression or being a victim of their own stupidity and actions.

I hope you and your kids are doing well on this fine Tuesday morn. May all your failures be educational ones!  :)

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