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Monday, 12 June 2017

Mincing Words

I am old enough to remember life before liberals and stupid people invented thought and speech crime. We had a black dog that we (and everyone else) called 'Nigger'. When a stray black cat moved in, she was called 'The Niglet'. Then somewhere along the line - everything became offensive to stupid people liberals and humour became a punishable crime. Red necks are nothing if not tolerant and flexible - and new slurs came up like 'bucket head', 'nine-iron', 'chug', 'push start, pull start and kickstarts', 'mudflaps' etc etc etc. Then those all became offensive too! If I recall correctly our famous feral Human Rights Commissions (composed mostly of fat old grey haired ladies and homosexuals) even came up with a crime called 'Inappropriate Laughter'. Just laughing at a rude joke could land you in hot water! I think everyone heaved a sigh of relief when Prime Minister Stephen Harper shit-canned the commissions once and for all. Those grievance mongering turd brains are still around but their legal clout has been largely curtailed.

Today the red neck tradition proudly continues. I like terms like 'vibrants' and 'mystery-meat-race-orphans'. The fuggin kids are even worse these days. When the big internet companies became vibrant, diverse, inclusive and censorious - the kids hijacked their names so that 'Googles' and 'Skypes' became racial slurs! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Eeeeeevil joos are denoted by triple parenthesis with the name within: (((name))). I had to look that one up to figure it out.

I suppose I shouldn't laugh because a lot of our kids are turning into genuine REAL racists and to be honest - I don't blame them one bit. How do you tell a young man who has spent 4 years or more at university, done a good job and gotten good marks - that you can't hire him because he's white and male?  As I said in a previous post, I've been passed over because of my skin colour and reproductive plumbing a couple times too. Nowadays it's far worse than it ever was before and the kids are heartily sick and tired of it. I am either a leading edge Gen X or a tail end boomer depending on who defines the terms. When I read chit like this - I got choked AND saddened at the same time. I'm old enough to resent fags and intellectual poseurs like Vox Day whipping the kids up ... but I see where he's coming from and I understand the rage he and the kids are feeling. We've given their jobs and nation away to morons that don't appreciate it and are actively destroying it. Most of them are racist assholes too. There is no nice way to say it.

In the meantime, Ann is trying to figure out whether we should all be offended or not when somebody is called 'an olive-complected coil of rage'. HAR HAR HAR! I shouldn't laugh at Ann either; she's a lawyer and wording and phraseology are serious business for lawyers. It's my conviction that there is nothing wrong with lawyers and judges that can't be fixed with a fuggin baseball bat, and ol' Voxxie could probably use a few strokes with the clue bat too. Both articles serve to highlight the generational demarcation.

The more these idiots prattle and provoke, the more I become convinced that we are in for a reckoning of biblical proportions. Morons everywhere are looking for an excuse to fight and get violent. My survival strategy is to gun up, and sit off on the sidelines with a large supply of beer and popcorn. I will be most interested to see how these would-be tyrants, dictators and censors make out against a very large demographic that is heartily sick and tired of their bullshit.

We live in interesting times.


  1. I would call you a whole bunch of names that liberals use, just to let you know that I read your post, but I can't spell any of those words and don't know their meanings, so I'll just say this: "Carry on!"

    1. You only need three, Gorges! That is why liberalism is so easy! All your enemies are:


      The really smart ones are the ones with vocabularies. They can say words like

      cultural appropriation

      If ya dropped about 40 IQ points you'd make an excellent liberal! ;)