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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Oh Fer Gawdsakes - Will Somebody Please Buy This Already?!?!?

I'm going nuts.

I have more damn guns than I know what to do with. I am seriously considering an AR build in 6.5 Grendel. I need that like a hole in the head too.

But lookit what they have for sale down in Cow Town:

6.5x284 Norma! Targets at 1000m anyone? Deer at 350? Coyotes at 400? Or more?

Ye gods. Before firing a shot I'd take that right over to Karl or Rotten Rod and have him hone the trigger. A set of RCBS dies and some Lapua brass... and your rifle of a lifetime awaits.

Back in 2000 I bought one of these in .25-06 and it was all the gun I needed for years! I dunno how many pounds of 4350 and Nosler BT's went down that thing's gullet. People would see that gun shoot and try and buy it off me. Ian got so pissed at me he went down and bought his own - and then started collecting them in other calibres. He went bonkers trying to find one with that heavy bull barrel, they were like hen's teeth at the time. One day my accuracy started falling off. The velocities did too... and I knew what was coming. I took it down to the smith and he bore-scoped it and pronounced the barrel dead. I was literally in a funk after that. I dunno how many hunting trips it went out on. Or how many nights it leaned up against a tree as we sat round the camp fire telling lies. I even got a few animals with it. It had become one of life's milestones in a way.

Lotta people will tell ya that ya need a repeater for hunting. I am here to tell you they're full a beans. Guys that take marginal shots need repeaters. Sportsmen like us that shoot for meat and fun only need one. You prove your marksmanship on the range, not in the field. Get close, put them down in one and make it a positive experience. There is nothing worse in the world than wounded game.

Once it's ready to roll, this gun is a smidge longer than your average 30-30 lever action bush gun. It will shoot on par with bolt guns wearing 26" pipes and weigh less than they do.

I want you gunnies to pay attention boys: this is me doing you a huge favour here. If you've ever been tempted by these handsome rifles the varminters are the best of the breed. If I had the room, if I still hunted - that thing would be in my gun cabinet yesterday.

She's all yours... and don't say I never done nothin' for ya.

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