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Friday, 2 June 2017

Same To You! And The Horse You Rode In On...!

Feast your eyes! The heads of stupid people
are exploding
around the world...

I took the mainstream media with a couple grains of salt up until about the turn of the century. Everyone was smart enough to understand the old adage, 'Don't believe everything ya read....' but when the media jumped on the environMINT bandwagon... I lost all respect I had for them.

It used to be the church was infested with scammers, homosexuals and pedophiles, false prophets, holy rollers and hypocrites. They bilked millions from their idiot followers and anyone with a triple digit IQ laughed at them. Those charlatans did real damage too. The church lost credibility and influence, and here we are decades later - still getting pelted by the fallout. Our nations teeter, our communities are divided and in ruin, and our families are falling apart and dysfunctional. As money, power, and influence hemorrhaged out of the church - so did the deviants, con artists, and false prophets.

They found a new gig exploiting science. Just as they perverted the faith, they now seized on warble gloaming and the sheep and zombies lined up to be fleeced again. My wife's family bought into that shite hook, line and sinker. They bought the cooked studies, they applauded the shysters like the CBC's spokesgook, David Suzuki. They listened as greasy beardos posed as scientists that predicted A Second Flood that would wash away Man's greed in God's Gai's holy wash! My brother in law was a shit house environMINTAL holy man (as a school teacher he obviously had the academic acumen to understand the ins-and-outs of climate science dontchya know) and his parents worshipped him and took his pronouncements as fact. Then they would start furiously sorting, separating and recycling  their garbage to save the world. Sometimes I would throw a beer can in the garbage deliberately just to watch them freak out. Oh yeah... I have seen these morons up close and I am relieved that finally... FINALLY - somebody has had the sense to step up and tell these kinds of idiots where to go and how to get there. This, right here, is the pebble that lightly skips down the mountain before the avalanche. People are going to start bailing out of the environMINTalist scam in droves, just as they did when low men compromised the church.

So here we are today. We threw out our morals and ethics when we threw out the church. Babies and bathwater and all that. Now we pretty much have to throw out our science too. Can you trust a scientist? Or one of their peer-reviewed 'studies'?  Can you tell a reputable scientist from a huckster and a fraud?

This little baboon is Canada's answer to Fat Al Gore.
He seriously proposed jailing heretics like 'climate deniers'. He travelled
the nation in a first class jet and gave
lectures to elementary school children as he
frightened them to death with tales of drowning polar  bears and
submerged cities. He called it a win
when they handed over their lunch money as they wailed in fright.
I wouldn't trust this fuggin nine iron further than I could throw him.

The wheels are coming off the Global Warming Scam but the problem is that our entire scientific community was on that bus. The people that rode that bus are now getting run over and thrown under it and while it serves them right... what about the real scientists? I suspect they will go the way of the dodo and real clergymen. Things that we didn't appreciate and took for granted - until they were gone.

I would like to think the shitlibs, the progs and the liberals would take this as a sign that they need to clean house and start rebuilding their shattered reputations and integrity but those morons are what they are. If one accepts that 75~85% of all human beings are stupid and uneducable as I do, where will this mass of self-sustaining idiocy go next? What other noble part of our society will they pervert and undermine? What new false prophets will arise to replace the old ones?

I suppose I shouldn't think too much; the Global Warming bus is going over a cliff, the seats are all full and I should be happy with that for now.


  1. Germany can take an Audi and shove it sideways. I guess that would make an Audi an Innie. Maybe Merkel can personally find out if a Mercedes Benz over. Come to think of it; isn't it VW/Audi who's in such hot water (globally warmed, mind you) for tweaking their cars' programming to fool the emissions testers? Now THERE'S a shining example of Liberal hypocrisy!

    I watched Tucker Carlson trying to rub the two remaining brain cells in the head of Miami Beach's mayor together, to see if he could make fire. No joy. When asked what was good about an "accord" that required Uncle Sam to cut its emissions and give China and India $3B US per year, while neither China nor India were required to cut their emissions, the answer was something to the tune of "This accord puts the entire world on the same page." No matter how Tucker asked the question, the mayor repeated the same mantra. There was obviously someone behind the guy pulling a string on his back; a Liberal See & Say, so to speak. Said something about the streets of Miami Beach flooding on sunny days. Uhh... that'll happen once in a while when you build a city two feet above sea level... on the beach... The mayor of Miami Beach obviously drives a Dodge... '

    The monkeys are truly running the zoo. Why do they hate Trump? Because he's cattle-prodding them back into their cages! YEAH! You go, Carrot Top!

    1. They've been running the zoo for a long, long time Pete... and it shows.