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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Saturday Morning Coffee

The K9 Crime Fighters are gonna be livid but that's life. Rather than going out on patrol, I am charging up my Crapcopter and First Person View (FPV) VR googles. I've only done a handful of flights this way and that was last year. It's gonna be hairy out there this morning. I've gone from the unreliable chink cameras to the higher quality GoPro. Should be interesting. I will walk the dawgs after I crash and burn.

Earlier in the week WL and I got in an interesting fight over the idiotic Kathy Griffin or whatever her name was, and her PR stunt involving posing with pics of Trump's severed head. It was my position that other than being a chicken-headed moron - she had done nothing warranting criminal charges. It was my opinion that she was right on that razor thin line between free speech and criminal intent to incite violence, and I lean toward giving her the benefit of the doubt given her obvious lack of intellect.

WL disagreed and said she had clearly gone over the line and he may well be right. Had it been a yodelling Muhammed Abu Al-Fucknuk-Al holding the severed head ... yeah, you know damned well what that rag head would be implying and inciting and no bones about it. The problem is that the law has to apply equally to everyone or we have what we have today: rules for some people, and rules for other people. Justice hangs on your ability to pay; or your place on the politically correct totem pole - and not on law and principles which both our countries presume to be founded on. If we assume that we are both respectable countries founded on lawful republics... the rules we apply to Muhammed have to apply to Kathy and vice versa. If I were a court judge that actually gave a shit about justice, freedom, and personal rights - I would not want to make the call on that.

In any event, Kathy had her 'Dixie Hicks' moment, and now all these awful, awful deplorable people are exercising THEIR free speech and rights - and she's being ostracized and criticised and they're  making her feel really, really, really BAD. The poor dear is the victim of sexist haters and pigs like Filthie, WL, and pretty much everyone that has the poor taste to lurk here, HAR HAR HAR!!! Like the Dixie Hicks, Kathy is learning that the law protects your right to voice an opinion; but it does not shield you from the consequences of your idiotic opinions. Like most lefties, Kathy thinks that her opinions must be tolerated and respected by law - which they obviously are not. No, she does not deserve the death threats - but she IS being lawfully heckled, derided and mocked and in my opinion she damned well deserves it too.

If I have one critique about Americans - it's this: sure - I love Americans for their dedication to The Constitution and how they cherish and fiercely defend their personal rights and freedoms. But far, far too many of them don't understand that those rights and freedoms come with personal responsibility too. A liberal American, with a triple digit IQ (I am told a few still exist) - would have exercised some personal discretion in Kathy's case. But sadly, our liberals are becoming less and less inclined to respect the rights of others, they are becoming more and more violent and pushy with their agenda... and conservatives have finally woken up and are starting to push back. It has taken far too long for that, IMHO and still has to happen up here in Canada.

In any event - an interesting and more intelligent discussion of the subject is up for grabs at A-House.


  1. A liberal American, with a triple digit IQ is still a liberal, and serves to illustrate the point that crazy isn't stupid.

  2. I'm still wondering why the photographer isn't getting some flak. I think it was actually HIS idea.