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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The USN Again!!!

Okay. What in hell is THAT?

The conspiracy guys and the tin foil hat crowd normally just annoy or amuse me. But when I see chit like this - I can believe there's a bunch of bum-headed aliens working on the autocad in some secret military fortress out in the desert somewhere.

So? What does this thing do? Charge at the beach and then roll up and turn into some gun blazing battle robot?

Oh well, maybe something like this is just what that fink in North Korea needs to see to keep him honest. As my good friend likes to say, there's only three things worth fighting for and that's chicks n' cars n' the third world war.


  1. Whatever it is, it's above my pay grade, and given what they'll find in my background check, it's going to stay that way.

    If I had to guess, I'd say it's some kind of submersible amphibious landing craft. But that's only what I'm guessing at.

    1. Yup - it has to be a sub, given the streamlining I'd say.

      Don't see any hatches for torpedo or missile armament though...