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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Understanging the AR15 PDW

Wonderful concept...

Years ago when these stubby little rifles started showing up in the gun rags - I was smitten. I fell in love with the PDW (Personal Defence Weapon) the first time I saw it as envisioned by Heckler and Koch.

The concept done right: the HK MP7 is chambered in the proprietary and hard to find 4.6x30mm

This thing is incredible: it can be fired as a pistol or a rifle, full or semi auto, the ammo can supposedly go through both sides of a NATO helmet at 50m and it can defeat most common light body armour at that range too. Aaaaand of course, it's only available to the military for the most part, because gun club stubfarts like yours truly have no business with scary black guns like this. Fuggin HK kraut bastids. (I DID see one for sale, used, on Gunnutz awhile back: $13,000.00!!! Fine if ya have lots of money...but then getting ammo, never mind reloading dies and data...GAH. This gun is just simply a no-go for the casual civilian shooter). These guns are meant for military office types, officers, and other REMF's that don't ordinarily go into harm's way and don't need a full blown battle rifle or carbine. I can't understand why HK figures guys like that can have this cute little popper, and not guys like me... but whatever.

Enter the AR15 re-imagined as the PDW:

Mine is a Black Rain .223 with a 7.5" barrel.
In your face, HK!!!
The optic is a 3x Vortex with illuminated reticle.

I've been working with this little bugger for some time now. I figured that with that adjustable stock, short length, and light .223 ammo - it would be the perfect toy for the wife and any kids that might want to play with it.


The muzzle blast off these stubbie AR's is obnoxious. I know what you're thinking: "Filthie - are you stupid? Muzzle blast? From a .223?" Welp... yes. And no, I don't have sand in my vagina (although you would be correct to suspect it, HAR HAR HAR!) The report and muzzle blast is RUDE in the extreme. Hearing protection with one of these on the range is absolutely mandatory. When I pull the trigger on mine, I can feel the percussion in my sinuses. If you deploy one of these in a room for urban combat your opponents will wind up dead AND deaf! HAR HAR HAR!!! This is not a sweet shooting gun for the wife and kids. It is a tool to deploy in tight places against pisslamic rag head terrorists, violent but vibrant rioting 'youths' and other failed liberal social experiments.

It isn't a target gun either. When I first sat down with it last year I fired a 4" group at 200m and became an instant fan. I crowed from one end of the internet to the other about what a fine rifle this little stubby was. But then continued shooting proved me premature. The groups at 200m are terrible - but what can you expect from a gun with a 3X combat optic and a 7.5" barrel? I shoot in the real world, such as it is for me at present. Aging eyes struggle with blurry sights. Wind is always present, and nine times outta ten, when I shoot, I am hopped up on caffeine! In my world, this gun will put 80% of it's shots in a 6" bull at 100m from the classic shooting positions. At 150m that drops to about 50%. That is with shithouse Remington bulk ammo; some careful reloading will tighten that up a bit but for all intents and purposes - this is a 100 yard gun... for me, at any rate.

So... my final impression? I say this as a gun club duffer and out house marksman. I do not try to pass myself off as a navy seal or a green-bean-United-States-fuggin-Marine. I am not God's gift to the shooting sports. I am an over-the-hill recreational shooter and my thoughts are as follows - these are super compact guns that are just perfect if you have to shoot at very close quarters in confined areas. It would be super for the run-n-gun crowd. It rides well in the truck and if ya break it down - on the motorcycle too! I really, really want to like this gun... but ... it's not exactly my cup of tea. For a younger man, with brighter eyes and steadier hands this gun might be just the ticket. I think this one might be going up for sale soon. It's an answer to problems I just don't have as a casual shooter.

As always, your mileage may vary, and my thoughts on the subject are worth exactly what ya paid for 'em!

Have a great Thursday!

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