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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Via Heartiste

I don't get it.

Some guys talk like Marines or truckers and drop F-bombs the way a jet plane drops napalm and nobody notices. I do it - and I go to the woodshed! It's like that for everyuthing: I see guys out there literally getting away scot-free with everything up to and including cold blooded murder- and if I gob on the sidewalk I get billy-clubbed into submission and then thrown into a paddy wagon, HAR HAR HAR! ((I am not crabbing about my lot in life, I just wish other miscreants were punished the same way I am because misery loves company!) Keep in mind I will fink on you and rat you out at the drop of a hat if the opportunity permits!)

I don't care - sometimes I am overcome by badness and just have to act out! There are some bloggers I shouldn't play with because we will be very bad influences on each other. Chateau Heartiste is just one of many.

The Rat Pack

The Brat Pack

The Fudge Pack

Sorry folks. Sadly, this is what passes for humour amongst deplorable bigots and racists/fascists/homophobes/islamophobes/etc/ad nausem...

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