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Friday, 23 June 2017

Your Right To Destroy Yourself And Your Family Will Not Be Infringed

The flubdubbery is flying faster n' hot lead at a turkey shoot! Everyone is taking stupid pills and lots of 'em! Think I'll slam a few myself!

"Coroner Kent Harshbarger estimates that ... the state [of Ohio] will see 10,000 overdoses by the end of 2017 — more than were recorded in the entire United States in 1990."

Summarizing BP's thoughts on the war on drugs:

That's one take, I suppose. I am not disparaging BP or Pete because those guys are smarter than I am and I know it - let's get that out of the way right up front. But... I have misgivings about this. You ask me? This isn't what losing the drug war looks like - this is what cultural suicide looks like.

I may have a unique perspective on this. Because I live up here in Canada I am surrounded by liberal meat holes  turd brains progtards kidults ... polymaths and intellectuals - cough cough cough - that know more about druggies n' turdies n' derelicts than you ignernt Americans ever will! Such people are the largest demographic in their power base. We're legalizing weed, dontchya know!

In any event they conducted a staggeringly stupid spectacularly successful social experiment in inner-city Hongcouver to address the rampant drug problems there. They set up 'safe injection sites' where zombies and derelicts could go shoot up on illegal street drugs under the watchful eye of a 'medical professional'. All at the expense of the friendly and eager tax payer!  And of course it worked like a charm - gubbiment studies proved there was a massive 'harm reduction'. They even improved the program, if I remember correctly - by sudsidizing the habits of users that couldn't afford a fix or clean needles! More drug related crime averted! We are led by gods up here in Canada! Druggies stopped spreading Hep C and AIDS by sharing needles; and today inner city Hongcouver is a paradise.

Of course the idiots in the RCMP had to disagree. Off camera, off record they claimed the problem was still worse than ever. Children couldn't play in the playgrounds because addicts were leaving needles in the sand boxes and lying in the grass. But what do those law enforcement assholes know? All they want to do is abuse people! Then the moron first responders chimed in and said they are still picking up bodies of OD victims at the same rate they were before - only maybe more so, lately. Some slob of an ambulance driver said something to the effect that addicts will shoot up anywhere, anytime with whatever is available whether there is a safe injection site around or not. But the progs wisely tuned them out - what would any of those morons know about lofty enlightened social experiments?

I grew up in Mayberry as a kid. In my community, drugs were something found only in the gutters, and used only by degenerate ethnics and negroes. One day we were in the midst of a pitched dirt lump fight when an ambulance came screaming down the street and pulled into Tommy L's place. Tommy was a hero to us little kids: he was sixteen, he had just started driving and he was the coolest big kid of them all. He made us sling shots and zip guns, he broke up fights and gave us his pop bottles, and his word was law amongst us little 'uns. We were shell shocked when the two ambulance guys carried him out on a stretcher. A cop car pulled up and an officer got out to disperse us. By then we were in a full blown panic - what had happened to Tommy? The Mountie shooed us all over to one of the moms - and she was caught flat footed trying to explain the concept of street drugs. OD's and drug culture - to 4, 5, and 6 year olds. The Mountie was a tough bugger too - yes, he would throw us in jail if he caught us doing drugs and he fully intended to do so to Tommy. Yes, he would tell our parents and make sure we got The Strap if  or when we got out of jail. No, it was very possible Tommy would NOT be alright. That was how the war on drugs started in my world. Later at parties as a teen I would take a polite toke on a joint as it was passed around - but I never touched drugs in a serious way. I told my kid that if she got mixed up with drugs - that would be grounds for a justifiable homicide. I will not have shit like that in my home and that's all there is to it.

Here's the problem with stats and studies being done on shit like this: people look at a number like 10,000 OD deaths and say 'HFS!!! The war on drugs just isn't working!!! It's a waste of time!" The users jump in and readily agree - no way would they be dissuaded by mere law and law enforcement! Their drug issues are a matter of personal rights and freedeoms! Talk to any of his friends - the squeegee kids, the pan handlers, the street people, the homeless... none of them are even fazed by the dire laws and punishments set out by the authorities either! It's open and shut! How much more proof do ya need?

Here's my question: What about the winners in the war on drugs? Nobody sees them. Nobody does a study on them. Nobody listens to them either. I won the day I saw Tommy carted away in an ambulance in the late 60's. I won when that Mountie read us the riot act on drugs and used Tommy as a poster boy for the losers. He'd probably get sued and lose his job for doing that today. Our teachers started teaching us that drugs were bad and civic messages in the new cable TV Saturday morning cartoons reinforced it. By the time I was 7 I knew that I would never do drugs because the punishments were too severe. As a young adult I quickly saw that the consequences of drug use were the real punishment. It's a matter of perspective: the druggies aren't winning, they're losing, and we are losing with them. If we enable and encourage drug use we are going to lose MORE. In Hongcouver they're doing it already but to say so is to be politically incorrect. They have a thriving poverty and welfare industry going on there and you will too if you let them sell you their koolaid. Seldom mentioned are the tax rates in BC. They're on par with those in California and Massivetwoshits.

10,000 overdose deaths by the end of 2017. Boys - this isn't about drugs. It's not about personal freedoms - FFS, what kind of freedom is there in addiction? 10,000 guys have decided to say to hell with their responsibilities, to hell with their family and obligations - to hell with themselves - and let you, the tax payer - pull their weight until they either hit rock bottom (where you will pay for their rehabilitation) or they die - where you will pay their funeral costs. Do you think surrendering the drug war will reduce costs? HA! Just wait until that new bureaucracy sets up and starts generating profits!

The drug war may or may not be futile - but if you think surrendering to these derelicts and zombies will make things better - you should move to downtown Hongcouver and soak up the Utopia there.

Just my two cents. Have a wonderful Friday and keep a sharp eye on your kids. They are going to be on the front line of the drug and ethics war next. Hopefully God grants them the wisdom He's denied us on the issue.


  1. what's with the sudden panic about 'opioids'?
    been going on for decades.
    possibly a red herring to keep us from noticing our nations going down the toilet ever faster?
    remember in grade school, before filthie was born, being told about what is now called disinformation and how the russian people were fed it through pravda and izvestia.
    we are now in the same boat.
    red herrings abound ; like 'russia/trump collusion', which is an illusion--part of smoke and mirrors, which goes hand in hand with bread and circuses.
    there is so much to teach your kids and protect them from. if you can, show them how to pick apart the 'news' so they can ferret out the truth.

    1. Well no doubt. Can't these idiots in the medical profession tell the difference between a senior citizen in chronic pain - and a drug abuser?

      As a distraction? It's a viable idea Deb but that assumes they are capable of that kind of intelligence in the first place... and I just don't see it, myself. Those guys aren't smart enough to lie to themselves never mind us! :)

  2. I started composing a response and it turned into The War on Drugs: Profit and Loss.

    The War on Drugs changed a lot of things. No-knock warrants, property confiscation, a sharp curtailment in the 'right to privacy', new banking regulations... hell, almost everything felt the impact of this so-called war. It's a dead loss, but there's so much money and power at stake that the politicos wouldn't stop it if they could. Even if 10,000 lives are lost in Ohio (and I don't believe that figure is close to being accurate), the elected officials wouldn't make a move to actually end this nonsense and do something that might work.

    The government will never eradicate recreational drug use, but that use (misuse?) can be limited to the point where it really has little affect on civilization as we'd all like to know it.

    Nice post, by the way.

  3. No argument that junkies are a mess. But it doesn't look like we're keeping people from getting hooked. Drugs are everywhere and anyone who wants them can get them.