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Monday, 24 July 2017

A Meme From the EnvironMINT


  1. I'm sure the tree hugger that put that sign up would miss the power, internet, cable, and whatever, if that thing that missed being a tree wasn't holding all those wires in the air. Bury the cables, you say? Yeah, right; someone finds an arrowhead in that dirt, and the whole thing goes on hold for... how many years?...

    Honestly; these whiny poosies are something else. These are the same people who will drive their cars to the middle of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, block the road with those cars, and then proceed to protest the use of oil... and cars...

    1. Worker 1:Hey look what I found... what is it?
      Worker 2:It's an Indian arrowhead. Probably worth some money.
      Worker 1:No shit. How much d'you think it's worth?
      Worker 2:Hard to say, but some go for a hundred bucks on that eBay business.
      Worker 1:No shit?
      Worker 3:He's quite correct. Depending on where it was found and the condition, some Native American archeological artifacts are quite valuable. Of course, it's actually the property of the local tribe, so you can't keep it.
      Worker 1:Who the fuck says?
      Worker 2:Oh holy fuck, look what I just found. This is a femur... and a rib cage. And look, here's a skull. An actual human skull.
      Foreman: You men put all that stuff in this garbage bag, and you don't say anything to anybody. That means you, college boy. The rest of you guys, get back to work. We're already a week behind schedule.

      Any bets on the arrowhead and the college kid?

  2. And, by the way, I'm in favor of burying everything. Line poles are uglier than the back end of a Mexican bus, and are always being hit by lightning, trees, and drunks at 4:00 AM.