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Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Public Service Announcment Courtesy Of Your Friendly Neighborhood Feral Irishman

Dear lord.

Here's the vid. She can't believe it, but I can.
Here's a prediction for ya too: the guys behind this crap are pedos!
Ya heard it here first!

What a pretty young lady. I agree with everything she says too because she's absolutely right. There's some really shitty people out there that have designs on the kids and every day they get bolder and less covert about it. I predicted all this back in the 90's and caught supreme chit for it on the forums and talk boards of the day: letting the queers out of the closet was only the first step. The real goal of the progressive left is to get all the other perverts out there too - including the pedos. I will bet you dollars to donuts the people that produce that rag sheet will have closet pedos in their midst.

Rebelling is something all healthy kids do. They do it by finding something that drives Mom or Dad up the wall and then pounce on it. This is how the perverts are going to prey on your kids too: "Be a rebel! Don't let your bigoted, idiot parents define your sexuality! Be your own person!!!! Don't let anyone tell you what to do!!!"

I wonder if that pretty young mother isn't playing into the hands of the swine pushing this filth? This fag-mag is just the tip of the iceburg. People the kids admire and respect are pushing this crap at them every day. Hell, half the teachers these days are queers. If I had my way, perverts trying to corrupt our kids would be handled properly with a fair trial and punishment.

Unfortunately this kind of thing is out there and just another problem idiots are pushing at our kids. It might be a real good idea to sit down with your kids, confront this shite and talk about it in graphic detail

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