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Sunday, 2 July 2017


I love this kid. He is so bubbly and upbeat and hasn't been ground down by life as so many of us have. He revels in metal. Would give my left nut for his shop. How much $$$$ has he tied up in machinery?

Meet Alec Steele - he's on way too many uppers!  :)

I would have gone for curly or maybe birdseye maple for the handle myself.
Otherwise it's spectacular and could do with some fine gold
Watch the whole series. Only this kid can turn a smithy into a place of high
drama AND comedy.

I dunno what I would do with a broad sword other than chase Pete F and Mad Jack away from my liquor cabinet - but that beastie would look mighty fine hanging up over the doorway to the Man Cave. Were I ever to actually carry archaic edged weapons for personal protection and striking fear into the arrogant peasantry - I suspect I would carry a fine Claymore with a dirk in my sock to boot!

Compliments of Filthie's Sword & Saddle Shop!
Weaponry fit for distinguished gentlemen and fiendish
jack nasties and blackhearts alike!
A fine basket hilted Claymore and a menacing dirk! Both would
look mighty fine, buried in the gizzard
of some pirate or failed liberal social experiment!

Custom knife makers, in contrast to custom swordsmiths - are a dime a dozen. I am partial to the fighter knives because they have become an art form for the accomplished makers. I love flash and bling as much as the next guy but if I wanted a discrete blade for self defense - I really like the blades being put out by this kid:

Hmmmm. All my knives are clip point or drop point hunters.
I can see the tactical merit of such a blade as this but
wonder how it would fare as a casual sportsman's blade.
Bawadimann Blades - if yer interested.
What in blazes is a Skraeling?

It's too bad really. When ya get to be an old fart and ex-hunter like me ya end up with a bucket full of blades and nothing to do with 'em all - and still I would like to buy more! Sheesh!!! I won't be buying any more blades in this life but it is still enormously satisfying to window shop.

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