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Monday, 24 July 2017

Demons Among Us

I like John C Wright. He has an interesting spiritual perspective on our problems with progressive liberalism, political correctness and all the BS that goes along with it. He makes a powerful case.

As a chit house Christian I am in no position to critique John or say he's wrong. The sins of liberals are what they are and if they're lucky they'll answer to God for them. At the rate they're going though, it's entirely possible that some day soon they will answer to us and pay for their sins in blood - forcing us to commit sins of our own. I dunno what the answer is to that either, all I know is sometimes you fight fire with fire and make whatever peace with your Maker as you can.

I don't think these people are demons, devils or otherwise. I think they are simply morons that are too stupid to think for themselves, or simply hucksters profiting from this idiocy. There is nothing satanic or unholy about them - they are just stupid, or mealy mouthed liars and manipulators. It's long past time to shut them down.

I think it's important for us to see them for what they are, and be honest about their real threat potential: it's in decline and getting closer to zero every day. Consider Trump: he got elected despite massive and frankly illegal resistance from the Democrat/Media Complex, the Donks themselves and their swamp critters embedded in DC, and the phoney conservatives (or cuckservatives, as they're called) in his own party. Back in the bad ol' days, feminsts, race whores, queers and other politically correct victim groups could have set any conservative they wanted on fire and run him out of town on a rail. Today, all of them working together - couldn't keep Trump out of the Oval Office. There's a massive demographic shift going on and I personally believe we have hit Peak Liberal Stupidity. The Donks can't buy a vote; the media slobs can't sell a newspaper and their TV and web based outlet ratings are diving. People revel about being deplorables as mock and deride the new 'genders' sexual perversions of the lunatic left. Trump has focused a steady stream of ridicule and derisive laughter at them - and they are drying up and blowing away like so much old dog chit. HAR HAR HAR!

The reason for this is that liberals and progs can only divide and destroy families and communities. They can't build them on their own. They can't even preserve the ones they inherit. Like it or not in the next couple years, these wretched people are pretty much headed into the trash can of history. How many harried, unhappy single moms do ya gotta see? How many derelict divorced dads? How many thumb-sucking millennial snowflakes that can't grow up? Good riddance to the lot of them! Even up here in Canada - our idiot prime minister has become a laughingstalk and a role model for fwench poltroons everywhere! In the next election, Turdo La Doo will be kicked to the curb the same way Obama and Hillary were.

These guys and their gender fluid freakshows are the past. We need to look ahead, and stop wasting time on these freak shows and their ring masters. It's time to write off old baggage, take out the trash and de-clutter... and start fresh.

Our future is in front of us. Have a great Tuesday.

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  1. That's laughingstock, and you made an interesting point. The liberals have taken over public education, but it's come to the point where they'll have trouble reproducing. There's also a certain number of traitors who quietly switched sides prior to the last election. They tend to be intelligent people who work for a living, and so pay taxes.