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Monday, 24 July 2017

Gun Fails: How Many Have You Done?

Hmmmm. How many of these have happened to you?

I had a curious moose spoil my trip round the blackpowder trail at my rod n' gun club. We have a trail with metal animal silhouettes set up at various points on it - and the swamp donkey followed me round that trail like a puppy dog. Several times he got between me and the target and I couldn't shoot.

No, never had my pants drop when I've pulled the trigger (although you would be correct to suspect it). But - as our foul mouthed friends in the USFMC like to say, I have 'flown Maggie's drawers' on several occasions.

I've done that one where the damned mag dumps itself when ya least expect it. And - I wasn't doing any runnin' and gunnin' either, I sometimes do it on the slow fire bullseye shoots where I've had all the time in the world to do it right! That's not dangerous but it IS embarrassing and an indicator that some kind of corporal punishment is needed, HAR HAR HAR!

And I did that last one where the guy says, " I just effin shot myself". Only difference was that I shat myself - but that's something that happens on a daily basis. And when it does, everyone else hobbles around retching and gagging and weeping in pain.

On a serious note: giving a kid or a petite woman a powerhouse canon to hurt her or himself with is just plain mean and stupid. It's not funny either - we need those people to have a positive experience and make them want to take part in the sport.

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