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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy Birthday America

Well.. look at you! 241 years old! Ya don't look a day over 175! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I should leave it at that, and yet... I can't stifle myself at the best of times. This get's political, so if you're here for the rude jokes ya better give this post a miss. For those of you who need the opinions of a loud, uninformed Canadian - read on.

Four or five years ago the wife and I took the murdercycle down to Cow Town to wish my daughter a happy birthday in person. It was strained and tense - it was her last birthday, just a couple months before she formally came out of the closet as a militant gay social justice warrior. I took everyone out for supper and a movie. Things were carefully not being said, and questions were definitely not asked. Nobody would have liked the answers, after all. Afterward we hopped on the bike and came back up to Aaaaaaadmontin.

Didn't do no good; 'don't ask, don't tell' was one of the few things Blow Job Clinton got right - the problem was that it didn't work for the queers themselves. The queers wanted a confrontation, they want to rub your nose in their sexuality and they want to give you the finger while they do it. Some folks are okay with that - I was not.

I will always remember that last birthday with my daughter because I knew, despite every attempt not to mention it - that she had changed. Trying to NOT say anything about it just made it stand out all the more. I dunno who was more relieved when we jumped on the bike to head up to Edmonton - her or me. All I knew for sure was that this young woman was not my daughter anymore. That, and that something had changed - and for the worse at that.

I'm getting the same sense looking at you, America. You've changed, and not for the better. Oh sure, there's still the neat, tidy properties that are cleaner than a Green Bean Marine's M16 with the carefully manicured yards and flag of Ol' Glory up the pole... there's mom and apple pie and all that... but there's now Detroit, New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, and pretty much all of California - that have fallen into disrepair and have become dysfunctional. It's a noble thing, trying to be inclusive of diverse and otherwise marginal people. It's quite another to bow down to them and be ruled by them.

Look out for yourselves, Yanks - and God bless.