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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Historical Land Mines

Being an out house historian of sorts, I have learned to approach some subjects with a certain degree of caution. Who shot JFK? All I can tell ya is that it wasn't whoever had that Carcano milsurp carbine that supposedly did the deed. And if the authorities are lying about that, God alone only knows what else they're lying about. 911? An inside job? All I know is that when those towers came down it looked like a controlled implosion to me. Even the firefighters on the scene were caught flat footed and were asking how they came down when they were designed to withstand even impacts like that. In the states, the brainless are tearing down civil war monuments because racism. Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it, and telling blacks that whitey bought most of his slaves from black Africans is a little detail they would like left out. Whatever - the truth will get sorted out in Civil War Two... at least for awhile. Stuff like that ain't worth worrying or fighting about unless you can win. You can end up arguing with idiots on such thing and never getting anywhere.

I once started to read a copy of 'Flyboys' penned by some liberal cretin that cast Americans as the villains of the war in the Pacific, picking on poor little Japan. Because racism. The author left out all the Japanese atrocities and war crimes of course - and I tried to throw it in the garbage. My wife dug it out and returned it to her father. That author did something remarkable, now that I look back on it: he insulted my intelligence. I don't care if people want to call me a Nazi; if I see work that stupid, untruthful, and slanderous I will burn the goddamn thing so that nobody else reads it! I believe there is such thing as decency, and in my home and in what I read I will enforce that code of decency if I feel it necessary.

But once in awhile I step on historical land mines that unleash a torrent of emotion that spans across generations, decades and even centuries.

This one is from Irish. This is a landmine of a completely different nature. Sometimes truth is explosive too.

Courage is timeless.


  1. I talked to an architect about the WTC, and how it imploded as it collapsed. In order to make the structure light, yet strong, struts (he said "cables") were stretched diagonally across the box frames for each floor, so that the outer frame wouldn't need to be so beefy. The building was indeed built to handle an impact from a jetliner. What the architects hadn't counted on was the heat generated by the burning fuel. When the framework softened and broke on the fire floor, the walls of the building bulged outward. The structure above basically fell into the hole that created. It basically unzipped the thing as it went down...

    1. All due respect to your architect Pete. He may very well be right. But burning jet fuel can't generate nearly the heat required to blow the temper out of steel. At least, that is the story I have.

      It could very well be a crackpot, tin foil hat conspiracy theory... but after what I have seen in the media lately, and with what I know about the JFK assassinations, and the way entire global markets are being stick handled... I will believe anything but I have to see proof. I dearly hope I am wrong and your architect is right.

    2. Y'got me on the media point, Glen. "The People" have been lied to by so many for so long, they wouldn't know the truth if it was physically staring them in the face. The death of trust is the death of the society...

      ...Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about...

  2. I remember when the JFK assassination happened. When it was revealed that the rifle was a bolt action, I wondered aloud how the shooter could run the bolt that fast - because I had my father's bolt action .22, and I couldn't come close, let alone run the bolt, aim, and squeeze off a shot.

    The real answer is still there - he didn't. Not because he didn't want too, it's because he couldn't. No one could.

    I have three theories on the JFK assassination. One, that Castro was behind the entire business and it was carried out by the KGB. Two, JFK was against the war in Vietnam, which was making a lot of people a ton of money a week. Put enough money on the table, and anything can happen. Three, which I, personally, think is the most likely, is that the assassination was carried out by the United States, and it was done so to prevent a preemptive nuclear strike. JFK was young and something of a hot head. He may have made serious plans to push the big red button and settle the USSR / Chinese hash in one, loud, bang. Remember that at the time the U.S. had a decided nuclear weapon advantage over the Commies, but that advantage was being lost as major players worked on developing nuclear bombs and, maybe more importantly, delivery systems. JFK may have decided that the only real solution to the problem was a quick and bloody war.

    But those are just my thoughts, and I have no proof one way or another - except the proof that's already been established.

    1. I will disagree with you and go for option two, WL. Your preferred culprit would need to be a patriot on one hand, a pacifist on the other, and a traitor on the other.

      But simple, filthy, monetary greed? Yup, I will agree to that! I can see a flawless surgical hit... but the mickey mouse cover up? That tells me amateurs were involved. That does not smack of the KGB or the Russians to me.

      As for running a bolt gun that fast, you are absolutely right. That, and a garbage mail order milsurp gun, with a defective scope mount? And bullets that go in circles? Pull my other finger, fellas!

    2. In all sobriety, option one is just there because it's a possibility. Castro had motivation enough, but he would have lacked operatives. The USSR was leading Castro down the primrose path, and it wouldn't be difficult to arrange an incident like this one, complete with amateur cover up.

      In my mind, two or three are much more likely. Option two because of the money motivation. You get enough money on the table, and you shouldn't be too surprised at what might happen. And there was a lot of money on that table.

      Option three seems kind of far-fetched until you think about the Cuban Missile Crises, then you think about the history of WWII. The USSR, and mainly Russia, is a big place. Consider that in WWII, tiny little Germany came within an ace of kicking their borscht up around their shoulder blades, then whacking it back down again. If JFK knew that, and he probably did being a fairly erudite man, he might have likened the odds on a quick WWIII and been ready to go. Naturally, he would have consulted with his top military leaders, all of whom would likely know the truth - that there would be no winners, that JFK had the authority (the system was set up that way in case of a first strike by the Commies), and somebody better do something quick. Manipulating Oswald into the box, then getting Ruby to silence him would take some doing, but remember the year and remember we're really just coming out of WWII. We had people in place. I also like this one because JFK was impulsive. He managed to ditch the secret service for 45 minutes down on Bourbon Street. They were all going out of their minds while JFK was off gettin' his weasel greased. Meanwhile, the football (the big red button) couldn't be used by anyone, so if the Commies attacked the U.S. of A. was S.O.L.

      Nice discussion, by the way.

    3. It IS a good discussion!

      I will have to defer to you on this of course, because up here in liberal Canada, JFK was a god, walked on water and could do no wrong. Seriously, that is what we learned in school!

      I admit to being a bit of a rube myself. When the news about Monica first broke, I wrote it off as a smear campaign because surely, a POTUS, even an idiot like Clinton - would be smart enough not to stick himself in the interns and get caught at it. I seriously expected a POTUS to understand the code of conduct that goes with a position like that and some critical thinking skills. I missed that boat by a country mile.

      It saddens me because back in the day many liberals were good, respectable men. My uncle was one and was a prominent MLA in Alberta politics for years... but sadly, he and the men and women like him are long gone and the liberals literally went insane. Now conservatives are too.

      Agree or disagree, WL: I got in pitched fights with Uncle Bob when I said there are probably plans in the works right now to dispense with Trump - he is making very dangerous enemies every time he opens his mouth, and he is publicly beating the stuffing out of them in the court of public opinion. Do you think an attempt on Trump is plausible? And by that - a hit that was organized by the shadow gov't and various swamp monsters?