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Monday, 10 July 2017

Human Nature Trumps Everything

Had I been around when nations started going off the gold standard - I would have opposed that with a baseball bat! Fiat currencies are based on trust, and as everyone knows, from the dawn of time - you can't trust the average human animal farther than you can throw him. And of course now we are seeing the value of our money being inflated away, and our investments and accounts as nothing more than unsecured loans to the bank or gubbiment.

This guy mocks the Aussie gubbiment because the crooks involved are trying to equate hoarding with saving. You preppers out there might want to take note - your stashes of beer, popcorn and ammo will be viewed the same way by the authorities if the SHTF - and it seems that is entirely possible these days.

I buy a bit of silver now and then for investment purposes. I won't invest in bitcoin because I don't know enough about it to trust it.

I think it was Borepatch or one of the other bloggers that observed the phenomenon awhile back: back in the fifties creepy Marxist beardoes and weirdoes were bragging about how they would march through the halls of power and control in the nation and take over: first they would subvert the universities and colleges. Then they would infest the media and press, then the courtroom and so on. Who woulda thunk the would even get into our bedrooms?

But this is where the comedy begins. Whenever they take over an organization - it effectively stops working and falls to pieces. These universities that are pumping out gender grievance morons with degrees in kitten studies are a case in point: would you hire one of their grads? The New York Times can't sell a newspaper anymore. Donald Trump is torturing CNN to death. Our courts do law, not justice. All to often justice is done on the street, or better yet, right at the scene of the crime. Nobody can get married anymore and a quarter of our women are on antidepressants thanks to leftist 'family values'. 

When these guys topple the banks and economy - and it looks like they are going to - most of them will end up hanging from the lamp posts or they'll be driven into hiding. But in the meantime the black markets will set up, bartering will become the preferred form of commerce and one way or another - that swamp will be drained. Folks'll get by too.

My thinking is that people need to do business and they need to trust in order to do it. If you start using a fiat currency against them to take advantage of them - they will stop dealing with you and your currency will be used for TP in short order.

I dunno what the answer is.- but I don't think Bitcoin is.

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