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Sunday, 2 July 2017

In Case Ya Missed It...

It was Canada Day yesterday.

I have never been much of a Canadian patriot. Our country is basically run by Morontario and Queerbec and you Yanks really, really need to take more notice of us for educational purposes. We are about half a swirl ahead of America as we go down that liberal crapper, and can serve as the poster boy for what happens when your country is given away to leftists and third world trash. Every time I see some easter F-tard going on about how he defines what is 'Canadian' I just tune out. Here in Alberta, other than the obvious moron enclaves - most of us have more in common with Texans than we do with the gay hipsters, rainbow flinks, and ethnic vibrants that infest the big liberal cities. There is a reckoning coming for those weak, arrogant fools, all that remains to be seen is who gives it to 'em and how.

From where I sit, our culture has been decaying for most of my adult life - the nation I was born in is long, long gone. If you are of a religious bent, spare a prayer for us up here, eh? Have yourselves a great Sunday and thanks for dropping by.

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