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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Not Metric Bikes

Fact is, ever since I started riding, the Japs have produced superior bikes to the Americans and no bones about it. Back in the day the best place to spot a Harley owner was in the breakdown lane as he tried to wrench his bike back to life.

QA/QC-wise, Harley finally sobered up and smelled the coffee. They are no longer producing the junkers they made back in the 70's and 80's and I say that knowing I could get beaten to a bloody green pulp for doing so - but the truth is what it is.

Today Harley is making top notch machines that will go head to head with the Japs and look better and sound better doing it...but that comes at a price premium. I personally live to ride, not look cool going to Tim Horton's or the bar on a motorcycle. The truth of that is what it is too.

Now if anyone needs me - I will be in the parking lot round back, getting the stuffing kicked out of me by angry, elderly baby boomers that won't take any guff off a Gen X punk with a ropey mouth!

Have a great Friday, and please let the ER guys know that I am A+!


  1. Nothing sounds like a Harley, but nothing costs like one either. I get just as many bugs in my teeth on my V-Star 1100 as I would on the Stars & Stripes bike, and pay less for the privilege.

    I gotta wonder about the prices of things like this. I buy and hold silver. I can either pay 20.62 for a .999 Silver Eagle made right here in the Motherland, or I can pay 19.89 for a .9999 Maple Leaf from the Home of Hockey. Tough choice...

    I remember when Harley was bought back from AMF; a company that could destroy a 500lb steel ball encased in cement. The initial magazine ad was "Thank God! They don't leak oil anymore..."

    1. Hey Pete - I am not well versed in silver but I buy and hold too. Only I have been buying my silver from First Majestic.

      Today, 1 oz. rounds, .999, are going for $18.00. Why the discrepancy between my coins and yours?

  2. 'Must be one of those import tariffs Trump was talking about... you know; to pay for the "biiig beeauutiful wall...

    I noticed the rounds go slightly cheaper than the 'Leafs or Eagles though. I go with the Leaf and Eagles because they're more likely to be taken in exchange in a SHTF situation by people who don't know how to test the purity of the silver... 'Least that's what I've been led to believe...