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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Saturday Foolishness

I was seriously considering joining these upstanding Victorian riflemen this year. These guys literally bring relics and antique armaments back to life and shoot them for fun and amusement. For awhile I seriously considered a Martini Henry in .450/577 - a fearsome assault rifle in its day. Today's modern rifleman will watch this tomfoolery and laugh his arse off. Things don't even get serious for them until you start getting out past 600~700 yards... and even that is no problem for today's designated marksmen who regularly shoot out past 1000.

One is tempted to look sideways at grown men playing dress up - but for these guys it's like putting on a cowboy hat for the Calgary Stampede or the ladies dressing up in Klondike attire for Aaaaadmontin's K-Days. It's about fun - the kind of fun you had as a boy.

Alas. I have motorcycles, a raft of modern guns, dogs, motorcycles, and any number of other diversions preventing me from getting involved in this kind of foolishness. Once I retire - if they're still around, I may enlist in The Queens African Light Rifle Regiment and join my peers in displays of masterful marksmanship.

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