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Sunday, 2 July 2017


Very nice, young lady, although the usual bed-wetters might think otherwise.

Obviously this chick believes in the 'New York' reload. Being a practical man of moderate intellect - I have to ask: are New Yorkers all Bohunks?

Those of you that aren't gunnies might ask, 'what is a New York reload?'

I generally like and respect that Youtubing Texan below...but he crosses the line of civility below and should get a bare bummer spanking for such horrible pistolcraft. A big city moron can be forgiven for this...they can't help what they are. But a Texan? For shame, Hickock.

For shame!

Hicock 45 demonstrates the despicable 'New York Reload'.

Get that smirk off your face you old buzzard, or I'll have
you black listed at the rod n' gun club!
I am beginning to suspect he graduated from Uncle Bob's
School For Wayward Boys & Retards too!

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