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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday Arts N' Entertain-MINT: The Pianists Part La Doo

A sewer boot solo by Hard Hat Mack!

This urine soaked bum tickles the ivories next.
Screw it. If all I got in my wallet is a 20, this bum can have it!

And because I'm Canadian and therefore obligated by law
to admit frogs fwenchmen are people too -
there's something good about everyone - even
cheese eating surrender monkeys!
Let 'er rip, Henri!

I've often thought of going pro as a musician, what with my talents with the gazoo, the bicycle pump and the intestinal explodaphone... but I yam a polymath and destined for bigger and better things. Becoming a professional musician would be like winning the special Olympics - a bit of a slam-dunk for a fella like me. I will leave it to these fellas to explain how easy the whole process of pop music is done - and turn my formidable intellect to bigger and better things.

Four chords! It's easy, all ya need is an instrument and a good set of pipes!
That fat kid is almost as good with a gazoo as I am!

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