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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Albertan Ice Fishing Boat

I dunno how useful that would be up here. The weather patterns are changing. Back when I was a kid we were catching perch out of Hastings Lake in summer and riding on powdered snow over it on the skidoos in winter.

Nowadays you can barely see the lake from the shore and our winters have very little snow at all - making this machine a viable vehicle for lake work in winter if there's not too much snow. When I'm shovelling snow in the winter I don't miss the blizzards and dumps of my childhood... but I still remember plowing through huge drifts on my snowmobile with fondness.

I am not a warble gloamer, because I believe in science and not fashionable propaganda. Back at the turn of the last century both Hastings Lake and Cooking Lake all but disappeared for awhile. Weather goes in cycles and I don't think giving all our money to commies and stupid people is going to change that.

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