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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Art Of Speed: The Lost Files

As the ultimate internet authority I am forced all the time to correct the incompetent and incomplete posts made by other internet celebs like Wirecutter, BW Bandy, Chicken Mom and others. None of them ever say 'thank you' either! In fact, most of them sullenly ignore my helpful suggestions altogether! Even when I crap in the comments leave helpful suggestions in the comment sections of their blogs.

CW over at the Daily Timewaster has been especially negligent of late, and I am forced to supplement his work with my own in the interests of completeness. Especially lacking of late are his posts about 'The Art Of Speed'. I will leave this one right here in hopes that he sees fit to include it in his later compilations.

How on earth did CW forget to make note of
The Great Coopville Tractor Race?
Sigh. The work of the polymath is never done.

The rest of you are admonished: Filthie is watching you very carefully and you will be taken to task for your errors and omissions!

That is all.

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