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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Filthie Critic

I am just learning my way around Amazon and Kindle. I have decided to start reading again. Last time I was on Kobo and I think that's a Canadian company because unless you're a chick or a faggot the reading lists are utterly dismal. I'm serious - all the genres are infested with lecturing social justice wankers that make sure all the characters have the right multicultural backgrounds, and that at least a couple scenes include graphic homosexuality and explicit detail. I can do without the fudge packing, the canoe licking and the scolding, boring plots with powerful women that come across as nags and bitches. It never occurred to me to leave a review of those books I got ripped off on and given the antics of the Hollyweird/Arts n' Lit crowd these days maybe I shoulda.

Mind you that could backfire; Brig over at Borepatch got a crappy review and apparently she's a little bummed out about it. Poor kid. But - it's a fact of life, I guess. I personally won't write a negative review on a book, because a given work may stink to high heaven for me - but one a you fellas might think it's just fine.

I will write a positive review and left one on Murder One by WL Emery. Amazon has a gizmo where you can give however many stars ya want depending on how good it was so I gave WL all five of 'em.

I think he has another one I might grab, and I fully intend to rake the other blog authors over the coals eventually too. I fully intend to be the biggest prick about it too! WL got lucky (this time) but The Bayou Rennaissance Man and the Old NFO are up next. How will they fare against the worst internet troll and literary art critic of all time? I will let you know! HAR HAR HAR....errrr.... BWA HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAH!!!!!

It's weird to have actual new, entertaining material to read again. I am glad somebody is doing something about the drought that politically correct publishing companies have made.

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  1. Thanks, Glen. I'll look forward to reading your comments.