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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Gender Spectrum Simplified

It has to be an inside joke. I have experience with queers and good lord - their sexuality is one thing but the other behaviours that go along with it? Even basement dwelling chit house rats make more sense.

When my daughter was growing up there was no shortage of teachers that said she was mentally defective and needed drugs and counselling and warm fuzziness. To me it looked like a disciplinary problem. I tried the time outs and soft punishments and the kid just snoozed and kept doing the behaviours that got her in trouble. Finally after dozens of notes from the teacher I beat her ass and mysteriously - all her behavioural problems disappeared.

Her marks sucked of course (due to learning problems. The pooch screwing public educators were sure of it). So - I didn't home school my daughter but I tutored her. She was failing grade 7 math and by the end of the years she had honors. Not only that, I had her started on grade 10 algebra and by the time she hit grade 10 she could do elementary calculus. She was a full blown honour student and I was so proud.

So proud.

Today of course she is a gay hipster that copped out on life as soon as she got out of the house. I wonder now if maybe those teachers were right and I was wrong? I thought her problems were self induced and a product of normal childish rebellion and that traditional methods would take care of that as it had with me and my friends when we were kids.

Who knows. Do you feed a child's demons, or try to exorcise them? Either way, they are in for a rocky ride and I just don't have the wisdom to make that call. I know for a fact our idiot public educators don't either.

All you can do with your kids is your best, I suppose.

Have a good Saturday.

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