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Monday, 31 July 2017

The New Zodiac - Guess Which One I Am...

Welp, seems in the last little while the human race has re-invented itself.

Hells bells - lookit 'em all.
How do they reproduce?  And where does this lunacy end?
These look like Viking rhuniforms to me, or maybe
some kind of demented PID diagram

I guess they'll need a new zodiac too, what with all the new frooty colours of the rainbow enrichening our culture. Thankfully, it seems our cultural Marxists have that one well in hand too:

Guess which one I am. You should be able to get it in one.


  1. I used to pay a quarter to see some of those things in the old carny sideshow at the State fair.

  2. Well let's see now. You don't have balls so that's out, that also eliminates the moustache, got to be a man to grow facial hair, you probably faint at the sight of blood so murder is out, I could guess "shrimp" cocktail but I am trying to be nice so I'll guess the paper bag full of hot air! har har har har. I'm starting to like you Filthie! It worries me........

  3. Now see here! I don't appreciate you guys waltzing in here and making rude jokes about my scholarly posts! FYI - I was born in The Year Of The Scrote!

    Jack... he's just gotta be a knife man, born under the Sign Of Murder. And as for you, Rat, I figure you were born Dec. 22 ~ Jan. 19. A paper bag, no doubt filled with dog shit, to be left on Jack's porch after setting it on fire, ringing the doorbell and running away.

    The New Zodiac is inclusive and vibrant and holds a place for all of us! Even dogs, cats, bohunks and gooks! Revel, my friends, in an air of moral and intellectual superiority!!!